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Based in Manteca, CA, Manteca Insurance & Financial Services assists the community by helping people find the insurance coverage that they need. We offer our clients a wide variety of insurance policies so that we can help them regardless of their situation.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance allows you to drive safely and securely on the road. The policy covers your vehicle if it is damaged or vandalized. If the vehicle is stolen, you are also protected. Liability coverage protects you if you may be held responsible for an accident involving another driver, or if your vehicle causes damage to another person’s property.

Health Insurance

Health insurance helps ensure that you can live comfortably. The policy allows you to visit your primary care physician for an annual checkup to make sure that you don’t have any issues or ailments. The policy also covers any pharmacy visits. If you are sick and your doctor would like you to take some medicine, you’ll be covered under your policy. Your policy also provides coverage if you are admitted to the hospital.

Motorcycle Insurance

Many California residents enjoy long rides on their motorcycle. If you enjoy riding your motorcycle on a regular basis, it’s important that you have protection. Comprehensive coverage will protect your motorcycle if it is damaged due to a natural disaster or theft. You’ll also be covered if you need to find a replacement motorcycle.

Home Insurance

Home insurance allows you to protect one of your most valuable assets. The policy covers your property if it’s damaged due to a fire or thunderstorm. The items inside your home are also covered if they are stolen.

Manteca Insurance & Financial Services Will Help You

We strive to offer excellent customer service as we help our clients in California find insurance coverage. Stop by our office in Manteca, CA for more information.