Common Risks Not Covered by Auto Insurance

If you think about auto insurance, you always think about coverage to protect you when accidents happen. The reality is that car insurance covers you in several other ways. However, your car insurance also has limitations and exclusions. To be on the safe side, read your policy document to know what is covered and excluded by your insurance plan. But if you are in doubt, you can always contact Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA for clarification.

Here are the common exclusions for your car insurance:

Theft or damage of personal belongings

It might seem like car insurance should cover the personal items in your vehicle, but this is not always the case. Unless you have renters or home insurance, the personal items in your car aren’t likely to be covered after loss or damage by your car insurance.

Accidents during commercial use

If you are using your vehicle to run business errands, update the insurance to commercial otherwise, injuries and damages arising won’t be covered by standard auto insurance. Besides, personal auto insurance won’t cover your car when ridesharing. So, drivers who use Uber or Lyft should have a ridesharing add-on for optimal protection. It will cost extra, but it ensures your car is covered.

Intentional damage

Used your car as a weapon during a road rage? Any damage claim isn’t likely to be covered by your car insurance. The same is the case if your experimental upgrade causes damage to your car.

Pet injuries

While some insurers cover pet injuries inside a vehicle, others aren’t that generous. So, confirm whether your insurance covers pet injuries, and if not, purchase a rider if you like taking a ride with your four-legged friend.

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