It’s Illegal to Drive Without Auto Insurance -Don’t Risk It

Did you know that driving without car insurance is illegal in 48 states? Make sure you are in compliance. You risk losing your license and financial devastation in the event you are sued because of a traffic accident.

If you live in the Central Valley, CA area and are looking for auto insurance, Manteca Insurance & Financial Services is here to assist you with your needs. 

Why Auto Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is not only for cars. Trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles are also covered. The primary use of auto insurance is to provide financial protection against bodily injury or physical damage if you are at fault in an accident while driving. It can also provide protection against theft, or damage to the vehicle from other events such as keying, natural disasters, weather events, or damage sustained by hitting stationary objects such as a tree or fence.

If you happen to be sued by another driver for your part in an accident, you could be faced with a financial disaster. Let’s say you live in a mortgage-free home, you risk losing that home if you don’t have the protection a car insurance policy provides.

The three main types of coverage you need to consider are:

Liability coverage is required in most states. Your state requires drivers to purchase at least the minimum amount of liability insurance as dictated by the state. Liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury.

Collision coverage pays to replace or repair your car if it is involved in an accident with another vehicle. If your car has a lien, the lender will typically require that you purchase this coverage.

Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your vehicle that is caused by incidents other than a collision. This would include falling objects, theft, fire, vandalism, or natural disasters. This coverage will be required if it has a lien on it.

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