Understanding umbrella insurance and its benefits

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The many benefits of umbrella insurance for local companies

Protecting your business is a top priority. And, with an umbrella insurance policy, obtaining that goal is even easier. Primary commercial and property policies typically come with policy limits and maximum payout levels. This means that if your business files a number of claims or suffers a major catastrophic event, your primary policy can be wiped out.

That is when an umbrella insurance policy will come into play. If and when your primary policy is exhausted, you will be able to access your umbrella policy to file a claim. If your company has been growing steadily, your insurance needs have likely grown as well. Don’t fall behind with your coverage! An annual review is an effective way to ensure that the insurance that you have in place is adequate to your needs.

Having an umbrella insurance policy in place can help you continue your business even if you suffer a covered loss. Knowing that you have the protection in place before you need it, can help you focus on your core business. Find out more about umbrella insurance from your local agent today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Life Insurance Basics

Although life insurance can feel like a morbid topic, we at Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley CA know that ignoring it can cause great harm to our loved ones. To help get you started, here is a quick rundown of life insurance basics.

Life Insurance Key Terms

Life insurance is a type of insurance policy that pays cash to someone when the named person on the policy dies. The beneficiary is the person who receives the death benefits, or cash payout. The two main categories of insurance are term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance lasts for a set period of time and provides a payout if death occurs during that time. Its benefits are clear and straightforward, and it costs much less than whole life insurance. The downside of term life insurance compared to whole life insurance will become more apparent in the next section.

Whole Life Insurance

With whole life insurance, the policy has no end date. As long as you keep paying your premium, the provider typically has to keep honoring the policy at that rate. Most whole life policies will also build an actual cash value based on a portion of your premiums. You’ll receive that amount if the policy is ended, and you may have more options like allowing the provider to invest the value of your policy in a fund that gains interest. Some policies even increase the payout value as your policy increases in age.

The only downsides to whole life insurance are the higher premiums and stricter screening by the providers.

Learn More about Life Insurance

While this basic primer can help, even the most basic insurance questions will have answers that change based on your situation. Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA will gladly assist you with learning more about your life insurance options.

Is basic auto insurance ever enough?

Almost every state in the union requires auto insurance for drivers. What they require is basic insurance. This is different from state to state, but what it has in common is that it is usually only liability coverage. At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA, we have been giving our clients the benefit of our expertise since 1941. That is more than 80 years. We represent our clients, not the insurance companies, and our service reflects that. 

The mandated amount of basic auto insurance in the state of California is 15/30/5. This is woefully basic in one of the most expensive states in the union. It allows $15,000 for the first person injured in an accident where you are the responsible driver and $30,000 for all injuries and $5,000 for property damage. These low limits could leave you in a very dangerous financial situation. 

For those with a leased vehicle or an auto loan, additional coverage will be required. This includes collision and comprehensive.

Collision is coverage that covers your auto. It will help to repair or, if needed, replace it if you are the at-fault driver. If you are the only car in an accident, think wet or icy road and losing control it will pay for your auto repair or if you are the victim of a hit and run. This coverage has a deductible. 

Comprehensive coverage is for things you can’t control. This includes weather, things like hail, floods, and strong winds. It covers theft, vandalism, or potholes in the road. Glass coverage is also included in this type of coverage and is one thing most people end up using eventually. 

If you only have basic coverage, you could be without a car and owe money for damage you caused. Basic coverage is seldom enough. 

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Full-Timer’s RV Insurance: A Guide

At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services, we can help Central Valley, CA residents who may live within their RV. Our team can create the best full-timer insurance policies possible and give you the best chance of protecting yourself and your vehicle as a home with relative ease. Specialized coverage like this minimizes many common concerns, so read on to learn more.

Understanding Full-Timers Insurance 

Full-timers insurance is designed for RV owners who use their craft as their permanent home. So, for example, if you have sold your house and moved into your RV, you qualify for full-timer policies. And this option is crucial because it can provide you with many benefits.

That’s because a high-quality full-timer policy is designed to be as comprehensive as possible to cover each of your needs as a person and a vehicle owner. Understanding these different options will help to make it easier for you to choose a possibility that makes sense:

  • Liability coverage to help protect you from lawsuits and legal bills 
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage to repair your RV
  • Uninsured motorist coverage if you get hit by someone who qualifies
  • Personal injury and medical protection for those within your vehicle 
  • Breakdown coverage to keep your craft protected 

You may also want to add options like towing, attachments, full-replacement, and much more. You deserve to live in your RV without worrying about serious issues affecting your safety. Thankfully, a broad range of different options should be available for your needs. 

Get Help Today 

If you’re struggling to find a high-quality RV policy that makes sense for your needs, please contact us at Manteca Insurance & Financial Services right away to learn more. Our team will help Central Valley, CA residents better understand their coverage options here as an RV owner.

California Motorcycle Insurance: How to Prepare Your Bike for a Road Trip

Going on a road trip is half the fun of owning a motorcycle. You love your daily travels, but these are the things you get really excited about for weeks and even months. When you are planning a road trip, you need to prepare your bike so that your safety is optimized at all times.

At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services, we want Central Valley, CA motorcycle riders to feel safe on the roads at all times. Here’s how to prepare your bike before you hit the road.

Check Your Fluids

Make sure that your oil is changed if it needs it, and all of your fluids are topped up. You want to have a full gas tank, and everything refreshed before you go on your trip.

Make sure that your gas tank is full, and that you know how long it will take for you to go through a tank of gas. The range of your gas tank is an important thing to know before you go. Run your tank down once to know your mileage before you head out.

Extras to Remember

There are a number of extras to remember when you are on a road trip. Keep your spare key on you at all times. Carry it on your person, and not on the same chain or keyring that your main key is on. You never know when you are going to need it.

Check the Electrics and Controls

Make sure that your battery is in good condition, and that your controls are working. You also want to be sure that your lights are all in good working order.

Update Your Insurance Policy

When you are preparing for your next motorcycle road trip, make sure your bike is safe to travel great distances on. You also want to be sure that your insurance policy is up-to-date, and you have collision and comprehensive coverage. At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services, we want Central Valley, CA motorcyclists to be safe when they are taking road trips. Call us today to update your insurance policy and get peace of mind for your road trip.

What Actions Will Invalidate Your Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance helps to protect your watercraft and minimize financial complications. However, many things can invalidate your policy. So please learn more from us at Manteca Insurance & Financial Services Central to learn more about how policies can help your Central Valley, CA watercraft.

Things That May Invalidate Your Boating Insurance 

Many actions and activities can invalidate your boating insurance policy and cause serious financial complications. Just a few to consider include:

  • Unlicensed Repairs – If you perform upgrades or repairs to your boat without working with a licensed professional, there’s a good chance that you will invalidate or even void your insurance policy. This may even be as simple as adding a fish finder to your boat without proper help.
  • Driving While Drinking – Your boating insurance policy will not cover any damage or problems that occur if you were drinking alcohol (or taking other substances) while riding your boat. This problem is one of the most common because many people like having a few drinks while boating. 
  • Leasing Your Boat to Another – If you sub-lease your boat for use during the summer, you might find that your policy won’t cover any damage they cause. This problem is not the case if someone else is just driving your boat without leasing it.

These actions are things that you should avoid whenever driving any vehicle. However, they will impact the quality of your boating insurance and cost you serious money if you get caught. 

Find a Policy That Works for You 

Please reach out to us at Manteca Insurance & Financial Services Central to learn more about the boat insurance options available for your Central Valley, CA watercraft. Our team will take the time to help you understand your options and ensure that you are appropriately covered.

What is umbrella insurance and why do I need it?

Liability insurance is something that protects you from legal actions against you. Suing is at epidemic proportions and the chances that you will be sued at least once in your lifetime are very good. Very good is the wrong way to express this since getting sued is anything but good. Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA is committed to providing personalized customer service and a lot of choices.

Umbrella insurance is excess liability coverage. It can be added to any policy that you already have with liability coverage. Many policies have liability coverage including auto, home, condo, renters, boat, RV, and motorcycle to name just a few.  You can’t just buy umbrella insurance unless you already have a policy with liability coverage. 

Many people think that you need to be wealthy to benefit from an umbrella policy. Nothing can be farther from the truth. No one is immune from having a civil suit filed against them. About 10% of homeowners are sued yearly, and you have about one in three chances of being sued in your lifetime. 

Civil suits can be very expensive to fight legally and the size of judgments has been growing. Depending on the amount of liability coverage you have on your primary policy, you could be sued for more than your maximum. That is where the umbrella comes into effect. After the initial amount is maxed out, the umbrella will continue to cover up to the limit of the umbrella. It protects your assets from being attached to pay for a suit against you. It could make all the difference when it comes to protecting what you have worked so hard to accumulate. 

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Two income families and life insurance

Life insurance is designed to give you peace of mind and to protect those you will leave behind when you pass away. Some types of life insurance provide other benefits besides the death benefit, but the death benefit is what most people are interested in, When you are ready to discuss what your needs for life insurance are, we are here to talk. At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA, we have been helping clients for seventy years. We represent them and offer some top carriers in the business. 

When a family has two incomes, the need for life insurance is different from a one-income family. Both parties need to have their incomes replaced in the event of their death. The days of the stay-at-home spouse are if not quite gone at least much less common. Many families require two incomes to maintain their lifestyle. If one part of a dual-income family passes away, it might prove to be very difficult for the other party to continue as in the past. 

You may not like to think about the possibility of dying or even worse, losing your partner, but the reality is about 5% of children in the United States lose a parent before age 15 and 70% of families will have to file for bankruptcy after losing the breadwinner. Even with two breadwinners, the possibility exists of having to change homes, schools, and lifestyles making death even harder to bear. 

Both partners in a two-income family need to have life insurance and coming up with an affordable way to protect your family may require the help of an insurance agent. In Central Valley, CA contact Manteca Insurance & Financial Services to discuss the life insurance options that are best for your two-income family.

Who can be on your auto insurance policy

California has more licensed drivers than any state in the union, with more than 26 million. That is a lot of potential for having an accident. Making sure you have the auto coverage you need is important for your financial future. At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA, we have been meeting the needs of our customers for more than 80 years. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the right amount of protection to keep you safe no matter what happens.

Auto carriers are generally speaking pretty flexible when it comes to who can be on your policy. They are designed to list the vehicle owners or vehicles, which can be you and your spouse, you and your partner, your children, and pretty much anyone related to you and lives in your household. In extended families, that can be nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, grandparents and grandchildren. But, you can’t put someone on your policy who doesn’t live with you. 

One major and common exception to the rule of living in your home is a child of yours who is away attending college most of the year. If they still use your address as their permanent address, then your carrier should allow you to keep them on your auto insurance policy. 

Non-family members can also be added to your auto policy depending on which carrier you use. If you have a caregiver or nanny living in your home and uses your vehicle regularly, you can add them to your policy. It may not be necessary, though, since if they have your permission to use your vehicle, they will be covered in the event of an accident. 

If you are looking for auto insurance Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Central Valley, CA, is an independent insurance agency with an experienced team to help you. 

Here’s How Motorcycle Insurance Works in California

Motorcycles are quite popular in California. Warm weather and traffic congestion make motorbikes a popular choice for sports riders and daily commuters too. Before hitting the road, motorcyclists need to make sure they have the proper insurance coverage to protect their property and to cover any liabilities should an accident occur.

The Californian state government requires motorcycle owners to carry insurance and also stipulates specific minimum liability coverage levels. If you ride a motorbike without insurance, you could end up on the wrong side of the law. Get in touch with Manteca Insurance & Financial Services, which serves Central Valley, CA, if you have any further questions!

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance in California

California requires motor vehicle operators to carry specific liability coverage maximums, meaning insurance will payout until a certain amount. Generally speaking, vehicle insurance offers different liability coverages to pay for different costs. For example, property liability costs are separate from bodily injury liabilities.

As for body injury liabilities, when operating a motorcycle in California, you need to have at least $15,000 in liability coverage for injuries to one person and at least $30,000 for two people. Medical bills, especially from a motor vehicle accident, can be very costly, and many drivers choose to increase liability coverage.

Further, California also requires motorcycle drivers to carry at least $5,000 in liability coverage for property damage. If you damage someone else’s vehicle, this coverage will help cover repair or replacement costs.

The above numbers represent minimums. Many California motorcycle owners take out additional coverage to pay more expensive bills. Medical bills from a car accident may exceed $30,000. If someone suffers a permanent injury, such as paralysis, costs can quickly pile up.

Further, the above minimums do not provide coverage for your property. You’ll need to take out additional insurance coverage to protect against damage to your own motorcycle. You may need to purchase additional coverage to cover theft, weather damage, and other things. Also, bodily injury insurance covers other people, but typically not your own medical bills. Again, separate coverage may be needed.

Have questions about motorcycle insurance in California? Contact Manteca Insurance & Financial Services, which serves Central Valley, CA.