Understanding umbrella insurance and its benefits

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The many benefits of umbrella insurance for local companies

Protecting your business is a top priority. And, with an umbrella insurance policy, obtaining that goal is even easier. Primary commercial and property policies typically come with policy limits and maximum payout levels. This means that if your business files a number of claims or suffers a major catastrophic event, your primary policy can be wiped out.

That is when an umbrella insurance policy will come into play. If and when your primary policy is exhausted, you will be able to access your umbrella policy to file a claim. If your company has been growing steadily, your insurance needs have likely grown as well. Don’t fall behind with your coverage! An annual review is an effective way to ensure that the insurance that you have in place is adequate to your needs.

Having an umbrella insurance policy in place can help you continue your business even if you suffer a covered loss. Knowing that you have the protection in place before you need it, can help you focus on your core business. Find out more about umbrella insurance from your local agent today. You’ll be glad you did!

Learn more about umbrella insurance today

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