Flood Insurance in California

Manteca Insurance & Financial Services Offers Flood Insurance For California

As unstable weather patterns increase, many more people are at risk for unexpected flooding that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. Flood insurance was designed to help defray some of the costs of flood damage. At Manteca Insurance & Financial Services in Manteca, CA, we can help you to determine the right level of flood insurance coverage for your needs.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

A flooding event can occur due to unusually heavy rainfalls, overflow of nearby waterways, or from water accumulation used to fight wildfires. Many people think that their homeowner's insurance covers damage from flooding, but this is not generally the case. Most homeowner's policies cover water damage that comes from inside the house, such as when a frozen pipe bursts.

What Flood Insurance Policies Cover

An incident is considered a flood when water remains on normally dry land. When flooding occurs, it can cause extensive damage to carpeting, flooring, construction materials, electrical systems, furniture, and electronics that can run into many thousands of dollars to replace. Without flood insurance, you would have to cover the costs of replacement or repair from your personal savings or from loans. Flood insurance also helps to pay for damage to appliances, furnaces, water heaters, fuel tanks, and foundations walls that may be damaged during flooding.

Make Manteca Insurance & Financial Services Your Agent For Flood Insurance Policies

An experienced insurance agent can answer your questions about flood insurance in California and help you acquire the right policy to protect you from expensive losses. We offer insurance policies for home, auto, renters, condo owners, and businesses. Call Manteca Insurance & Financial Services today for your free, no-obligation quote on flood insurance, so you can avoid expensive losses from unexpected flooding.

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